Stay Schemin’

In the words of the sage Rick Ross “F*** it I don’t wanna go to court”. This is a sentiment felt by many especially myself as my impending court date on the 6 of May grows steadily nearer.

Gotta admire my license while I still have it

Gotta admire my license while I still have it

Luckily I’m not going to court for anything similar to Ross. I still have a lot riding on this. Though failure to dim and carrying too many passengers seems like a minor misdemeanors, the status of my license depends on this.

Though it is my driving license that is at stake, I risk losing my  motorcycle endorsement as well because if I have restrictions on my drivers license the BMV will refuse to recognize my endorsement and that I have passed my motorcycle safety course.

This is defiantly one of those situations where hindsight is 20/20, I likely should have listened to my parents’ rules and because of my disobedience I almost certainly lost a critical battle. For now i’m forbidden from driving or riding any vehicle. It might be a long struggle but this loss will certainly limit my range and my rights as a teenager.

This could not becoming at a worse time. The Tomos moped just sold, and the purchase of the DR125 is inevitable. For the first time in my recent memory I have been enjoying the weather, it has been warm and sunny out.  It is a hard thought to think that I might not be able to spend this spring enjoying the sun and breeze in Ohio on the back of a motorcycle.

I was undeniably lucky because I know very few teenagers besides myself, whose parents trust them to own and operate a motorcycle on the road. At this point I just have to hope the judge rules in my favor and lets me off with a slap on the wrist. If not this blog might become quite dull quite quickly.


Youth is Running Out

As a little kid I remember seeing fast bikes fly by. I was always impressed and thought those who rode them most have been cool. There was always a certain appeal and respect for men who rode motorcycle. In movies the badass tough guy character can always be seen riding a motorcycle. Sadly the ignorance of my youth is running out.

Popcultures Badass from Walking Dead (

Popcultures Badass from Walking Dead (

After finishing my motorcycle training course I was hit by the inconvenient truth. Not everyone who rides a motorcycle is cool, many people want to learn how to ride just for the badass factor that comes with it. I don’t think I like that. These are the type of people who give motorcyclists a bad name. They often ride without helmets, have loud exhausts and drive irrationally.

As a guy who loves motorcycles this kills me to see. I hate being perceived as this sort of rider anytime I’m out on the bike. I’ll occasionally get dirty looks and rude hand gestures for no reason that I can discern. Instead of the past when a motorcycle would impress girls now it is a sign of idiocracy(If you don’t know the term, watch the movie and you will understand).

After the class I can see that the allure of a motorcycle is no longer as clean and pretty as it seemed. Motorcycles are dangerous vehicles and those who ride them can be dangerous as well. It is worth acknowledging that not all are, so not all are the jerks that are often seen on the road. I hope someday that the image can reverse to the stoic badasses of my childhood, who respected the road and their bikes.


Drive Slow

There is a joy in excellerating quickly. The rush of adrenaline that comes when you pull the throttle down and feel the bike roar underneath you. Wresting to stay on top of the bike.

As fun as riding fast is there is something special about riding slow. Cruising down the road with the sun out and the no real place to go. Companies like Harley Davidson have based their companies off this creating cruiser motorcycles.

After spending the day riding around on the BMW I can say even on a non-cruiser bike just riding around is something unique. In the words of the great orator Kanye West,

“If you’re riding around the city with nowhere to go drive slow homie, live today cause tomorrow you never know”

I’ve been told since I started riding that the most important thing to remember when riding is that everyone is out to get you, all drivers are trying to hurt you. So it is important some days to just enjoy the ride, go slow and watch your back.

Don’t Panic

The Bike resting after its first real work out

The Bike resting after its first real work out

A major victory was won in the warmth of last weekend. My odometer has reached 50 miles so I had met the requirements to leave Terrace Park. I knew the weather in Cincinnati would not remain warm for long so I tried to make the most out of the time I had. My odometer now reads 80 miles just from that quick exploration into the depths of Indian Hill.

This journey really reminded me of the true essence of a motorcyle. They are far more than transportation from point A to point B they are a journey, a quest, an adventure.

Riding through the curves, dips, and drives of Indian Hill brings a feeling that can’t really be described. For once any thoughts on my mind are just left in the dust behind me. All I’m able to focus on is the road ahead of me, the cracks and potholes, puddles and mud patches. All That I can hear is the roar of the engine. The wind whipping against my helmet and shoulders as I fight it to stay on the bike.

Motorcycles are not the loved by everyone. (Moms and Teenage girls seem not to be very big fans of them) But if you have ever ridden a motorcycle it is impossible not to see why there are people like me in the world who love them. It is more than a mode of transportation. It is a passion. It is an experience.

Long Days, Cold Nights

Cincinnati has been buffeted by a snow storm. It did result in a day off school but the after math of the storm will put my riding dreams on hold for awhile.

The problem is that even though it is no longer snowing, it is not warm enough for all the snow to melt so we will be stuck in a state of slush for at least a couple days.

The way the weather in Cincinnati works is that each warm sunny day is followed by at least a week of misery. So if I tell myself I can wait till tomorrow to ride, chances are it will drop below freezing as soon as the thought crosses my mind.

During the snowstorm I considered trying to go for a ride. Then I remembered I’m not that dumb. Simple logic could come to the conclusion that a heavy motorcycle + a not heavy rider + inchs of snow = disaster.

I am going to have to bide my time. The tires currently sit with 35 miles on them. That is more than half way to needed benchmark of 50 miles before I can start the fight for my freedom.

The residual snow left over

The residual snow left over

Take A Back Road

The BMW has finally returned to my garage. With its new sprocket and chain it runs like a dream. The biggest change is the new knobby tires and it’s my parents’ last line of defense to keep me from riding. (Besides the inconsistency of Cincy’s weather)

The Bike had slicks on it until the swap so the new tires off less on road grip. The tires also require 50 miles of ride time to be fully broken in. That is what is keeping me inside of Terrace Park right now and off the real roads. After the 50 mile mark is reached my parents will have no more defense to hide behind.

The new tires will actually be an asset. With them I will be able to fly down country roads all over Ohio. I can have the same fun I would dirt biking on a much faster street legal bike.

Being able to ride the bike full time in spring will be a blessing because as time goes by the gas price goes up. The nice thing about motorcycles is their MPG is exponentially better than cars such as an old FJ60 LandCruiser. Hopefully the money I save on gas I will be able to use to bribe my Dad into letting me take the bike on a real trip. The struggle continues.

The new rubber

The new rubber

All at Once

Spring is whipping into full gear. The weather has taken a change for the warmer and it seems like it is only getting better. This means it is almost the perfect time to ride.

My BMW has been in the hands of my trusted mechanic friend Wells, who has been enjoying riding it while my shoulder is mending. We have taken it to the mechanic and diagnosed and addressed the engine issue. We also got an engine tune up and new rear sprocket so it is running like a dream.

This is coming quite fast for my parents. They can’t handle the idea of me on the open road not in a car. This is about to be the biggest challenge I will overcome as a rider. I care too much about motorcycles to let my parents suppress that passion. It will all come down to my ability to balance my freedom with my parents happiness.

I dont want to make any major sacrifices so let the battle begin. Time to start adding blue face paint and charge. “FREEEEEEEEDOMMMM”