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Down and Out

My current enthusiasm has been side tracked. This past weekend I dislocated my shoulder and have been stranded in a sling. Though this was inevitable with my reckless teenage ways, coming to terms with the fact I can’t ride for over a month is hitting me hard.

Over the course of my life I’ve come close to taking myself out of commission more than a few times. Most of these tended to be on the non-motorized version of a bicycle. I’ve been mountain biking and riding bikes long before I owned a motorcycle, so I consider it a prerequisite skill to being able to ride a motorcycle.

Some of my greatest accidents occurred while trying to mountain bike. I have traveled all over the U.S. from Vermont to Utah to bike, some of my fondest memories and journeys have been in the pursuit of a good ride. Most of these rides have contained some epic crashes. On the street and the dirt I have found ways to keep my ego in check.

My favorite place to mountain bike in Cincinnati is East Fork State Park. It has great cross-country trails that differ in difficulty. East Forks proximity means that I have driven there enough times to burn the directions into my head. Some of my greatest wipe outs have been here.

The first that comes to mind is the time my bike dismantled itself on me, while I was riding. I had built my own Klein with my Dad from the frame up, but my front fork had been a sub-par second hand one. So as I navigated the ups and downs of this trail, I made it to a big down hill and just felt my bike sink from beneath me. I got intimate with the ground very quickly and slid down the whole hill. My shock had just separated mid ride on me.

I have also managed to mess up a fair number of times while riding on the road. My best story is from a time when I covered a large wooden box in metal. I, of coarse, wanted to do jumps onto the box with a ramp I had. After a day of believing myself to be the next big BMX biker, last run of the day, my dreams met their demise. I managed to get my wheels on either side of the box and flipped myself forward and ate cement. Best part of that story is I had road rash from that for my first day of school.

So when I misplaced my shoulder last weekend I took myself out of activity for the first time even after all my close brushes. I’m out for at least three weeks so expect only posts about maintenance until I am able to get back on the road

My favorite picture from a ride in Moab, Utah

My favorite picture from a ride in Moab, Utah