Take A Back Road

The BMW has finally returned to my garage. With its new sprocket and chain it runs like a dream. The biggest change is the new knobby tires and it’s my parents’ last line of defense to keep me from riding. (Besides the inconsistency of Cincy’s weather)

The Bike had slicks on it until the swap so the new tires off less on road grip. The tires also require 50 miles of ride time to be fully broken in. That is what is keeping me inside of Terrace Park right now and off the real roads. After the 50 mile mark is reached my parents will have no more defense to hide behind.

The new tires will actually be an asset. With them I will be able to fly down country roads all over Ohio. I can have the same fun I would dirt biking on a much faster street legal bike.

Being able to ride the bike full time in spring will be a blessing because as time goes by the gas price goes up. The nice thing about motorcycles is their MPG is exponentially better than cars such as an old FJ60 LandCruiser. Hopefully the money I save on gas I will be able to use to bribe my Dad into letting me take the bike on a real trip. The struggle continues.

The new rubber

The new rubber


3 responses to “Take A Back Road”

  1. hhinebaugh says :

    I want you to ride to my house and act as a delivery boy bringing me food. You can use it as practice until you are allowed to drive somewhere for real!

  2. wmajchszak says :

    How good is the fuel economy on the Land Cruiser? I’m getting about 10.7 mpg on average with the Jeep…

  3. parkerosullivan says :

    #Sportsutilityvehicleprobs Am I right?

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