Long Days, Cold Nights

Cincinnati has been buffeted by a snow storm. It did result in a day off school but the after math of the storm will put my riding dreams on hold for awhile.

The problem is that even though it is no longer snowing, it is not warm enough for all the snow to melt so we will be stuck in a state of slush for at least a couple days.

The way the weather in Cincinnati works is that each warm sunny day is followed by at least a week of misery. So if I tell myself I can wait till tomorrow to ride, chances are it will drop below freezing as soon as the thought crosses my mind.

During the snowstorm I considered trying to go for a ride. Then I remembered I’m not that dumb. Simple logic could come to the conclusion that a heavy motorcycle + a not heavy rider + inchs of snow = disaster.

I am going to have to bide my time. The tires currently sit with 35 miles on them. That is more than half way to needed benchmark of 50 miles before I can start the fight for my freedom.

The residual snow left over

The residual snow left over


7 responses to “Long Days, Cold Nights”

  1. shassey says :

    I don’t think that combination would help the cause of getting to go off on your own

  2. hhinebaugh says :

    I would’ve liked to see you try that and not get hurt.

  3. erikflynn says :

    maybe you should just take me mudding like you said you would.

  4. afmcmahon says :

    Good on you for using your head, we don’t want you hurting your shoulder yet again.

  5. olimauk says :

    Cincy weather sucs. I can’t wait to go to Greencastle where it will actually be exactly the same.

  6. wmajchszak says :

    What’s the point in having a motorcycle if you don;t do something slightly dangerous with it every once in a while? Go build a snow ramp and jump that bad boy!

  7. parkerosullivan says :

    You should just hire ate that way you won’t have to worry about winter months

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