Drive Slow

There is a joy in excellerating quickly. The rush of adrenaline that comes when you pull the throttle down and feel the bike roar underneath you. Wresting to stay on top of the bike.

As fun as riding fast is there is something special about riding slow. Cruising down the road with the sun out and the no real place to go. Companies like Harley Davidson have based their companies off this creating cruiser motorcycles.

After spending the day riding around on the BMW I can say even on a non-cruiser bike just riding around is something unique. In the words of the great orator Kanye West,

“If you’re riding around the city with nowhere to go drive slow homie, live today cause tomorrow you never know”

I’ve been told since I started riding that the most important thing to remember when riding is that everyone is out to get you, all drivers are trying to hurt you. So it is important some days to just enjoy the ride, go slow and watch your back.


6 responses to “Drive Slow”

  1. parkerosullivan says :

    These drivers, they sound like bad people, what did you do to them?

  2. bortzconnor says :

    I don’t usually cruise slow, but when I do, I prefer cruisin’ for a bruisin’

  3. shassey says :

    I’m a driver, so there’s that

  4. olimauk says :

    I like ro rev up my 1996 lexus

  5. sleeharris says :

    Kanye’s lyrics really added to this story.

  6. lwiseman says :

    Wise words from a young Jedi.

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