Youth is Running Out

As a little kid I remember seeing fast bikes fly by. I was always impressed and thought those who rode them most have been cool. There was always a certain appeal and respect for men who rode motorcycle. In movies the badass tough guy character can always be seen riding a motorcycle. Sadly the ignorance of my youth is running out.

Popcultures Badass from Walking Dead (

Popcultures Badass from Walking Dead (

After finishing my motorcycle training course I was hit by the inconvenient truth. Not everyone who rides a motorcycle is cool, many people want to learn how to ride just for the badass factor that comes with it. I don’t think I like that. These are the type of people who give motorcyclists a bad name. They often ride without helmets, have loud exhausts and drive irrationally.

As a guy who loves motorcycles this kills me to see. I hate being perceived as this sort of rider anytime I’m out on the bike. I’ll occasionally get dirty looks and rude hand gestures for no reason that I can discern. Instead of the past when a motorcycle would impress girls now it is a sign of idiocracy(If you don’t know the term, watch the movie and you will understand).

After the class I can see that the allure of a motorcycle is no longer as clean and pretty as it seemed. Motorcycles are dangerous vehicles and those who ride them can be dangerous as well. It is worth acknowledging that not all are, so not all are the jerks that are often seen on the road. I hope someday that the image can reverse to the stoic badasses of my childhood, who respected the road and their bikes.



4 responses to “Youth is Running Out”

  1. parkerosullivan says :

    Are you going to join a gang? I’m pretty sure gangs are still cool.

  2. wmajchszak says :

    Do you have a spare tire iron somewhere on your motorcycle in case you do join a gang?

  3. erikflynn says :

    Maybe its because you ride a BMW….(not badass)

  4. sleeharris says :

    Warpath motorcycle gang?

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