Stay Schemin’

In the words of the sage Rick Ross “F*** it I don’t wanna go to court”. This is a sentiment felt by many especially myself as my impending court date on the 6 of May grows steadily nearer.

Gotta admire my license while I still have it

Gotta admire my license while I still have it

Luckily I’m not going to court for anything similar to Ross. I still have a lot riding on this. Though failure to dim and carrying too many passengers seems like a minor misdemeanors, the status of my license depends on this.

Though it is my driving license that is at stake, I risk losing my  motorcycle endorsement as well because if I have restrictions on my drivers license the BMV will refuse to recognize my endorsement and that I have passed my motorcycle safety course.

This is defiantly one of those situations where hindsight is 20/20, I likely should have listened to my parents’ rules and because of my disobedience I almost certainly lost a critical battle. For now i’m forbidden from driving or riding any vehicle. It might be a long struggle but this loss will certainly limit my range and my rights as a teenager.

This could not becoming at a worse time. The Tomos moped just sold, and the purchase of the DR125 is inevitable. For the first time in my recent memory I have been enjoying the weather, it has been warm and sunny out.  It is a hard thought to think that I might not be able to spend this spring enjoying the sun and breeze in Ohio on the back of a motorcycle.

I was undeniably lucky because I know very few teenagers besides myself, whose parents trust them to own and operate a motorcycle on the road. At this point I just have to hope the judge rules in my favor and lets me off with a slap on the wrist. If not this blog might become quite dull quite quickly.


6 responses to “Stay Schemin’”

  1. parkerosullivan says :

    You could always hop on he old z-50 and drive to school!

  2. wmajchszak says :

    Staaaaaayyy scheeeeemmiiiinnn, daaaaawwwggggg. I ride for the warpath dawg

  3. olimauk says :

    What would you dooooohhhohhhooooooo for a klondike bar……

  4. erikflynn says :

    You wasnt with me shootin in tha gym

  5. lwiseman says :

    Keep fightin the good fight, but follow the rulz that matter. Also, why you not being safe?

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