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Dreams Money Can Buy

Though many things can interfere with dreams, like my shoulder injury, there is still a way to find the brightness in the dark. Major brightness occurred for me in the form of a legitimate motorcycle jacket and new gloves. This opens the doors for all sorts of new journeys.

The new jacket is stiff enough with kevlar and gore tex that it can stand up on its own. My range had been limited prior to this purchase because my parents worried for my health on the open road without a motorcycle jacket. The jacket not only protects me but gives me the look of Bane from the Dark Knight Rises. With the amount of kevlar built into the jacket I’m surprised that it wasn’t marketed as a bullet proof vest.

The next addition to my motorcycle arsenal is my pair of street and dirt gloves. The dirt gloves will be such an awesome addition because when dirt biking my hands have become shredded over time on my knuckles. The street gloves are even better. They fit tight and have added grip on the palm for ample control. They also have a large X on the back of the hand. They  are red, white, and blue so they truly showcase my patriotism.

The next awesome development was not bought by money. I left my BMW f650 in the hands of my most trusted mechanically inclined friend Wells Coalfleet, who was able to make important developments. With his tinkering the bike ran for around an hour without any problems. This helps relive my prior heartbreak. As soon as my shoulder is fully mended, which should be just a matter of weeks, I’ll finally be able to steal the motorcycle back and return to riding. Hopefully with the spring weather in the air and the sun in the sky.

Bullet Proff

Bullet Proof


808’s & Heartbreak

The engine slowly puttered to a stop. Attempts to play with the throttle resulted in little more than a cough from the engine. My engine cut out on my maiden voyage to Mariemont.

I had the desire to ride the BMW to school, but this recent turn of events clearly put that out of the question.The Engine failed me 3 times in what should have been a 15 minute at most journey. The initial failure left me at a loss of words. I tinkered for roughly five minutes before the engine started purring again. Only to fail 600 yards down the road leaving me unable to start my bike in an intersection. After this humiliation when the engine resumed I went full throttle in the hope of getting as far as I could before it cut out so I wasn’t forced to pull over on Wooster Pike. This method got me to the half way mark and I was able to start while coasting without the engine.

This was the most nerve-racking experience I have had on a motorcycle up to this point. This truly shook my core and left me in complete disarray. I was heartbroken to have the my favorite bike do this to me. Every cloud does have a silver lining and this failure did inform me that my engine could use a tune up. I also found out my tail light and one of my turning signals didn’t function (thanks to no other than the one and only Parker Sullivan). For now it is time to rebuild and return to my faithful old dirt bikes until I feel the BMW is back up to par.

My faithful Xr100(left side) after a long ride through the woods of Indian Hill

Ambitions as a Fighter

Street fighters are the equivalent of choppers for the riding community who like faster bikes. They epitomize one’s own unique wants in a bike and allow people to be expressive. I have no complaints about my 1997 BMW f650st but it would be nice to make it more unique. The bike right now is equipped for cross-country travels. It has a full windscreen and saddlebags for storing luggage from the previous owner. The changes I look to make are a smaller windscreen, bar end mirrors, LED lights, and black powder coated wheels. As of today, I have already swapped the windscreen for  a low profile black windshield. Next I am going to try to add carbon fiber bar end mirrors. Followed by the powder coating of the wheels because new tires are needed soon. I haven’t forgotten about my other bikes though. I have already patched the Z50’s seat and this winter I am going to dismantle my Honda Xr100 and try to repaint it where the paint has been scratched off. I must concede to some mechanical issues the BMW had on its maiden journey (a minor breakdown at an intersection during rush hour), though if you look on the bright side it led to the discovery of the fact that my brake light doesn’t work. That’s good to know so when fixing that I might try to equip LED lights for better visibility. I’ll keep my progress updated on the BMW.

The base I’m building off